DLAF16 Artist Profile-Gareth Cutter

This year's DLAF

TIME: 18.00
DATE: Friday 18 August
VENUE: The Complex
FEE: €10
You can get tickets here.

LOAD is a steady gaze into the darker realms of penetrability, pleasure and risk, before giving masculinity a shove down the rabbit holes of its orifices and discovering a Wonderland of new identities at the bottom.

Penetration is inherent in any autobiographical study as the viewer journeys from exterior to interior. Similar sexual journeys into male bodies has traditionally been feminised. LOAD is an attempt to connect these two realms, and to demolish this  binary, seeing the penetrated male as something neither masculine nor feminine.

Using autobiographical story-telling as its form, and adopting the textual invention and multiplicity of voices in James Joyce’s Ulysses (particularly the infamous Nightgown episode), LOAD combines text, sound, dance and digital voice manipulation to present a tale of queer sexuality that’s both unnervingly alien and comfortingly familiar.

LOAD will adult content and is suitable for over 18’s only.

Gareth Cutter is a London-based artist who fuses performance, sound and writing into hybrid forms. His works investigate the politics of health, identity, queer sexuality, and their relationship to the male body.