DLAF17 Artist Profile- Johanna Zwaig

This year's DLAF

TIME: 20.00
DATE: Friday 18 August
VENUE: The Complex
FEE: €10
You can get tickets here.

SOUNDS THROUGH THE WALL is a durational performance, specifically created by Johanna for Dublin Live Art Festival 2017. Through the repetition of a dark flamenco song and symbolic action, the artist will use resistance and resolution, holding her ground until the walls crack and the space expand facilitating a connection of mind and matter. This performance is the result of  Johanna’s investigation into the complexity of flamenco singing as a form of resistance and protest, but also as means to connect and unite.

Johanna Zwaig is a Norwegian performance artist. She has studied theatre at Ecole Internationale de Théâtre, Jacques Lecoq in Paris, flamenco in Paris, Madrid, Sevilla and Jerez de la Frontera, and holds a BA in art history and theatre science from University in Oslo. In recent years she has responded to different critical social and political fields and situations of today through dark flamenco songs, learned from Andalusian gitanos, often in combination with symbolically charged actions and objects, in both long durational, repetitive performances and short, explosive ones.