DLAF17 Artist Profile- Robert Hesp

This year's DLAF

TIME: 19.30
DATE: Sunday 20 August
VENUE: The Complex
FEE: €10
You can get tickets here.

A man dances in the space, a blur of rosy tissue and liquid mass sliding over shifting ground. Threads of whipped candy and shining flesh bounce and spin in the artificial luminance. A face of silver and pink, eyes bright, scanning the trembling edge of the circle for signs of joy and reconnection.




​HARD C*CK is a 50 minute performance celebration by Robert Hesp; an open look at ideas of sexual autonomy, identity and fragility and an attempt to rediscover the pleasure of skin and bone in a live space.

A piece for me, for you, for the void and the person on the other side of the laptop screen.

Robert Hesp is a live artist and dancer from Leeds, England. Having studied at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Robert now creates and performs both nationally and internationally. His work has been shown at venues including the V&A Museum and Roundhouse, as well as festivals such as Spill, Latitude and Buzzcut. Robert continually seeks to create a sense of volatility and disquiet with his performance work, exploring the spaces between play, dance and protest. He is very interested in questions of liveness and immediacy and in nuanced presentations of gender and queerness.