DLAF17 Seminar – Curated by EL Putnam

This year's DLAF

TIME: 16.00
DATE: Saturday 19 August
VENUE: The Complex
FEE: €10
You can book your tickets here.

Seminar Series: Art as Activism
Curated by Dr. EL Putnam

For this year’s seminar series, Dublin Live Art Festival 2017 will create a space for discussion, questioning, and exploration that enhances the themes of unity in relation to the performances presented and how we can connect these ideas to the larger issues that affect us, including recent political events, migration, consumerism, and LGBT rights. The overall purpose of this year’s seminar series is to emphasise how performance art can be used as a form of political and social activism.

Part 1: Intervention  Practical advice for working in Public

Participants: Reverend Billy, Savitri Durkee, Brian Connolly, Rhiannon Armstrong

Part 2: Interaction  
Using performance to build connections with others

Participants: Siobhan Clancy, Angela McDonagh, Celina Muldoon

For more information please contact dublinliveartfestival@gmail.com.