DLAF17 WORKSHOPS- Robert Hesp Workshop

This year's DLAF

TIME: 10.00
DATE: Saturday 19 August
VENUE: Dancehouse
FEE: €15

TOUCHING EACH OTHER: A creative workshop with Robert Hesp

 Touching each other is a 3 hour workshop exploring different ways of touching, softness and physical contact as the stimulus for creative movement. Working with live artist and contemporary dancer Robert Hesp, you’ll be invited to create, explore and devise using different techniques employed in the making of Robert’s performance work, HARD C*CK, presented as part of the Dublin Live Art Festival. The workshop will primarily be rooted in group movement work while also allowing space for solo thought and creation – rediscovering connection with your own body and a deeper understanding of meaningful, considered touch. Other focuses include consent and pleasure – both important elements of the creative work and safe group practice.

This is a workshop for those wanting to explore different approaches to touch, the ways in which we connect with each other as people and new creative movement.

Warm up and cool down will be included in the workshop, both led by Robert. Please come ready to move and in appropriate clothing for movement.

No previous dance experience required.
Open to people of all abilities – disabled and non-disabled – over the age of 16.

This workshop is offered in partnership with Dancehouse

Robert Hesp is a performance artist and dancer from Leeds, England. He creates and performs performance work nationally and internationally, currently touring his solo piece ‘HARD C*CK’. HARD C*CK is a live art and dance performance exploring male softness, pleasure and sex, supported by the Arts Council England.

For more details and to book tickets please see dance house.ie